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Unlike most Internet jewelers, at Diamond Design Co. each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted by our in-house jewelers.

Need it wider, smaller, more stones, less stones, a different metal or precious stone, NOT A PROBLEM. Our jewelry is made-to-order-, "made by us for you".

Fine quality jewelry should come with fine quality service

Platinum Wedding Bands

Tie the Knot with Platinum

diamond eternity bands & ringsChoose from our many styles of platinum wedding bands. All of our fine crafted platinum wedding bands are Die Struck made to order to you exact size and are available in 1/4 sizes. If you order the wrong size, Diamond Design Company will resize your wedding band free of charge.

Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding BandsPlatinum Step Comfort Fit Wedding Bands"Park Avenue" Round Wedding Bands
Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

Platinum half round bands with comfort fit styling.
Platinum Step Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

Added style with the "step" down stylying.
"Park Avenue" Round Wedding Bands

Double Rails Miligrain in rounded comfort fit style.
Platinum Pipe Style Wedding BandsPlatinum "Step" Pipe  Wedding BandsPlatinum "Park Avenue" Pipe Style  Wedding Bands
Platinum Pipe Style Wedding Bands

Our most popular "flat" style pipe bands.
Platinum "Step" Pipe Wedding Bands

Combination Pipe and Step down styling
Platinum "Park Avenue" Pipe Style Wedding Bands

Double Rails Miligrain Designer Styling
Platinum Bevel Edge  Wedding BandsPlatinum Miligrain Edge  Wedding BandsPlatinum Double Miligrain Edge Wedding Bands
Platinum Bevel Edge Wedding Bands

Beveled edge wedding bands for an understated added flair.
Platinum Miligrain Edge Wedding Bands

Single Miligrain Edge Comfort Fit Bands
Platinum Double Miligrain Edge Wedding Bands

Exceptional quality in the double miligrain edge band
Platinum Knife Edge Wedding BandsDesigner Wedding BandsGold Wedding Bands
Platinum Knife Edge Wedding Bands

Elegant edges in the knife edge style bands.
Designer Wedding Bands

As unique as you are, select from our custom designs.
Gold Wedding Bands

Fine Selection of 18k Gold Wedding Bands
Anniversary Rings

Perfect Anniversary Ring

Your anniversary ring should be unique and special. Work with us to customize your ring and make it your own. Learn More

Exceptional Savings Jewelry

Exceptional Savings!!

Visit our exceptional savings center featuring some of our most popular, high quality pieces. Ready-to-ship! Shop Now